Phonetic Typing

Learn English Phonics

Today adults and children all over the world are communicating in English. The ability to quickly speak, type, understand and spell English words is almost a basic skill in today’s global economy. Phonetic Typing allows children and adults to hone their English phonics skills in order to master and advance English word recognition, listening, and reading skills.

Improve Your English

Phonetic typing uses a multi-sensory approach to teaching keyboarding and phonics. Level One teaches consonant vowel consonant (CVC) spelling patterns, consonant blends and digraphs, and how to type all the alpha keys on the qwerty keyboard. In addition shifting, spacing, and simple sentence typing are covered at this level. You are also introduced to English grammar parts of speech and additional sentence typing.

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Level One is divided into two Units. You can access the first 20 lessons and the first listening test FREE. When you join our site you’ll receive a link to the Phonetic Typing Dashboard. We will notify you when more advance levels become available.

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