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Phonetic Typing
Teaches Typing, Spelling, and Reading

Today more adults and children are using computers. The ability to quickly type and spell English words is almost a basic skill in today’s information economy. Research also shows that spelling skill are the most reliable predictor of reading ability. Phonetic Typing allows children and adults to hone their English skills at their instructional level in order to master and advance to higher levels, better English word recognition and reading skills.

Good spelling instruction is based on phonics. Phonetic Typing is a leveled spelling system that is based on phonics and orthographic word patterns. Phonetic Typing English tutorial system can be started as early as the 1st grade, once kids know their ABCs and understand that letters have sounds that create words such as their name, they are ready for Phonetic Typing. Adults who want to learn English will also benefit from this English Language Learning system.

Phonetic typing uses a multisensory approach to teaching keyboarding and phonics. Level One teaches consonant vowel consonant (CVC) spelling patterns, consonant blends and diagraphs, and how to type all the alpha keys on the qwerty keyboard. In addition shifting, spacing, and simple sentence typing are covered at this level. Students are also introduced to English grammar parts of speech and additional sentence typing.

The Phonetic Typing English tutorial system is available online and can be used at home or at school.

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